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What People Are Saying
“Having Jourdan as a counselor has been a real blessing for me. I am grateful for how she challenges me to take steps to be the person I want to be. She encourages me and helps me to see where I have made progress constantly. Before I began counseling I was in a really unhealthy emotional place. Jourdan has helped walk with me through thoughts about my relationships from my past and present, from what I believed about my story to a better understanding. Since being in counseling, I have seen healthy changes in my relationships with my friends and family as well as in my thinking. I look forward to my sessions with Jourdan! It hasn’t been easy, but this process has been so good for me and in ways I wish that I started sooner…but I’m so glad that I made the decision to receive counseling when I did.”

-Female, age 25
“I have been going to see Jourdan for around a year now and she has had an amazing impact on my life! I am a full time college student, a mom, and I'm in a relationship. Life is hard sometimes because my childhood was not easy. It's not easy to have a relationship with your child when your personal relationship with your parents deeply hurt you. In my time seeing her I have found out many things about myself, I have a better relationship with my daughter and my boyfriend and I'm learning how to cope with my childhood pain. In the beginning of my therapy I had terrible trust issues and Jourdan was so understanding and consistent that she got though that wall. She is never judgmental and she makes you feel so comfortable talking to her that it's like speaking to your best friends. She really forms to your needs and goes out of her way to help you. I would recommend her for any age group, especially for young couples though. She is truly passionate about everything she does and genuinely believes in you and wants to help you!”

-Female, age 20
"Simply put, without Jourdan’s counseling, it’s highly likely we would not be together today. For every bit as she is insightful, she is passionate. Jourdan is incredibly caring and dedicated to what is best for her couples, even when duty calls outside of the normal hour of counseling sessions. Through our sessions and workshops with Jourdan, we’ve been given the tools not only to keep our marriage afloat, but to reconnect and relive in the joys of our beautiful life together. We are thankful for her amazing work, and cannot recommend Jourdan enough."

-Couple, ages 23
"I have struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life and as a therapist myself it is hard to admit that I need counseling. Jourdan has encouraged and challenged me in ways that I have never experienced with any other mental health professional. After every session with her I leave discovering something new about myself. Jourdan always offers incredible resources that promote additional growth outside of our time together. Though I am still actively working towards becoming the best version of myself, with Jourdan’s support and guidance I know it is possible."

-Female, age 26