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Couples Counseling
  • ​Wondering if you chose the right person?
  • ​Always arguing with no resolution?
  • ​Love your partner but feel you two just not compatible?
Individual Therapy
  • ​Struggling with a hurt from your past?
  • ​Held back from reaching your future dreams?
  • ​Frustrated you keep choosing the same unhealthy people over and over again in relationships?
Who Am I?
I'm Jourdan Virginia
My road to becoming a marriage and individual therapist was unique. I grew up without a mother and was raised by my dad who didn't date. I had no idea how a romantic relationship should work and ended up struggling for 10 years in my own romantic relationships. I had all the questions, but none of the older relationship professionals had information I could relate to. 

I took this frustration and poured myself into years of learning in the midwest, the west coast, and the south. I studied professionals from all fields that helped me better understand human interactions. From anthropologists like Helen Fisher, to philosophers like Alain De Botton, to controversial leaders speaking on affairs like Ester Perel, to some of the therapy professionals that have provided irreplaceable research on individuals and couples, John Gottman and Sue Johnson. 

I have connected this variety of work with my own experience in the therapy room and integrated it into my daily practice with clients. This has resulted directly in my extremely high success rate for both individuals, couples, and marriage satisfaction levels.
And I'll answer your questions
I became a marriage and individual therapist because I am passionate about reaching each young adult and couple.. Especially when we consider how first marriages have a 50% divorce rate (second marriages at 60%, proving experience is not the key here) and an overall 60% infidelity rate. 

Flourishing in your 20s and 30s is difficult and overwhelming. There is always someone asking you, "What is your title? Are you dating anyone yet? When are you getting married? When are you having children? When are you going to stop renting and buy? Are your student loans paid off yet?"... And my personal favorite, "What are you really doing with your life?"

These are the two decades where the MOST impactful changes and decisions are happening. Yet, where is the help? Most other helping professionals have their focus instead on a much older generation, one they can personally relate to better. Young adults have truly been left on their own to move through this defining time. 

In short, no wonder we are seeing an increase in anxiety and depression, a decrease in motivation, fewer ever making it to the wedding day because of the likeliness of failure, and a flood of viewers on sites like Buzzfeed, desperate for someone to speak to their problems.

I am ready to bring you the absolute best information from the top (and older) experts in the field in a way that you can actually relate to, both in your personal life AND relationships. I'd be honored to hear your story and give you the answers that will lead you to becoming your best self as an individual and to having a thriving love life.

Don't be another statistic. Let's change your direction.

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What People Are Saying
"You see therapy in movies and on TV shows I can assure you this is nothing like that. Jourdan has been more than therapy for me but a mentor. In only 10 sessions I have learned more about myself and my partner then I could have ever learned alone. Not just that but a better understanding of how to deal with relationships has allowed me to thrive in my business as well. This has literally been one of the best learning experiences of my life, and I believe wholeheartedly that absolutely anyone can benefit from the knowledge that this amazing woman has to offer!!! I cannot personally thank you enough!"

Male, age 27, Couples Therapy

“Having Jourdan as a counselor has been a real blessing for me. I am grateful for how she challenges me to take steps to be the person I want to be. She encourages me and helps me to see where I have made progress constantly. Before I began counseling I was in a really unhealthy emotional place. Jourdan has helped walk with me through thoughts about my relationships from my past and present, from what I believed about my story to a better understanding. Since being in counseling, I have seen healthy changes in my relationships with my friends and family as well as in my thinking. I look forward to my sessions with Jourdan! It hasn’t been easy, but this process has been so good for me and in ways I wish that I started sooner…but I’m so glad that I made the decision to receive counseling when I did.”

Female, age 25, Individual Therapy
“I have been going to see Jourdan for around a year now and she has had an amazing impact on my life! I am a full time college student, a mom, and I'm in a relationship. Life is hard sometimes because my childhood was not easy. It's not easy to have a relationship with your child when your personal relationship with your parents deeply hurt you. In my time seeing her I have found out many things about myself, I have a better relationship with my daughter and my boyfriend and I'm learning how to cope with my childhood pain. In the beginning of my therapy I had terrible trust issues and Jourdan was so understanding and consistent that she got though that wall. She is never judgmental and she makes you feel so comfortable talking to her that it's like speaking to your best friends. She really forms to your needs and goes out of her way to help you. I would recommend her for any age group, especially for young couples though. She is truly passionate about everything she does and genuinely believes in you and wants to help you!”

Female, age 20, Individual Therapy
"I’ve always wanted to explore couples therapy, but never could I have expected the growth and type of results that I’ve seen in Jourdan’s sessions. She is an extraordinary therapist, but above that an amazing well-rounded person who creates a safe environment. Her tools and resources seem to be and less, and I’m always amazed at how much resolution comes from each session. I’ve had other therapy in the past and never had anywhere near this amount of forward movement, solutions, productivity and growth. I’m learning more about myself than I expected, while simultaneously establishing a stronger relationship with my partner I had a great feeling about her during the initial consultation, but all my expectations have been exceeded in the session so far, of which we have had about 10. There have been sessions where we have gone in high conflict, and come out overflowing in passion. Leaving her sessions can completely change the course of action for our day and for that we are grateful. She truly has a gift and I/we are very grateful for her!"

Female, Age 42, Couples Therapy
"I appreciate Jourdan for her educational approach to treatment. She doesn’t just want to make you feel better she wants to help you think better. She does this not by just spewing out her opinion but by backing up her thoughts with psychological principles. Concepts you can understand and apply! All in all, I just like her as a person. She is friendly and warm but also honest. I’ve only been going to her for a short while but I can see a ton of growth!"

Female, age 28, Individual Therapy
"I started seeing Jourdan in an extremely tough season of my life and she has been a crucial part of the journey into single mom-hood. I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t be in the place I am today if I didn’t have her wisdom and expertise. Never have I felt judged or criticized. She has been an incredibly safe place to share very vulnerable and real pains, things I’ve never shared with anyone. And in doing this, I have been able to start the healing process and move into my new normal a stronger, healthier individual."

Female, Age 33, Individual Therapy
"Simply put, without Jourdan’s counseling, it’s highly likely we would not be together today. For every bit as she is insightful, she is passionate. Jourdan is incredibly caring and dedicated to what is best for her couples, even when duty calls outside of the normal hour of counseling sessions. Through our sessions and workshops with Jourdan, we’ve been given the tools not only to keep our marriage afloat, but to reconnect and relive in the joys of our beautiful life together. We are thankful for her amazing work, and cannot recommend Jourdan enough."

Male & Female, ages 23, Couples Therapy
"I have struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life and as a therapist myself it is hard to admit that I need counseling. Jourdan has encouraged and challenged me in ways that I have never experienced with any other mental health professional. After every session with her I leave discovering something new about myself. Jourdan always offers incredible resources that promote additional growth outside of our time together. Though I am still actively working towards becoming the best version of myself, with Jourdan’s support and guidance I know it is possible."

Female, age 26, Individual Therapy
"I reached out to Jourdan last year, and from the first phone consultation, I knew this was exactly what I needed in order to move forward. In 2018, I had accomplished a lot and I had my life very structured, but something was missing, and since things were going "well" it was hard for me to identify. Jourdan used a lot of examples, outside videos and readings, concepts and metaphor that really helped me understand why I was feeling the way I was. She also gave me assignments and strategies to connect more with myself and what I want, instead of living this life I had constructed, that wasn't making me happy. I have done therapy before, but this experience has been completely different. After about 2 months, I began to see big shifts in my life, in my relationships, in my patterns, and now for my future. It is amazing to see what is actually possible, and how much things can really change! Her style is the perfect blend of supportive and encouraging, as well as appropriately challenging. She is also incredibly well read and well studied on so many topics, theories, and strategies that I have so many resources now to continue this journey. I am so thankful for Joudan's guidance, kindness, professionalism, and commitment to this profession!"

Female, age 31, Individual Therapy

"You’ve done what no other therapist has done. You’ve guided me with the tough questions and didn’t let me shy away from my truths. You don’t let me deflect or hide, which has been incredibly helpful. Each time we meet I learn or realize something new about myself and I would never have been able to do that on my own. Thank you for being a wonderful listener and guide!"

Female, Age 54, Individual Therapy
"Jourdan is an amazing therapist simply put. As a person that didn’t want to admit I needed therapy, it is now one of my favorite hours of the week. It’s safe to say she helped save my life, through a lot of past trauma and things I’ve needs to work though and continue to work through, she has been there this past year scratching through into what lies beneath and things I never have wanted to face. As a client of hers, I feel like I’ve made real progress into figuring out how to deal and cope with many issues I’ve had from suicide, to depression, anxiety, etc it’s all okay because I’ve got her to help walk me through it. She’s always engaged and has you constantly focused on working towards whatever it is you would Iike to get out of therapy and life overall. 10/10 would and do recommend her to anyone considering therapy."

Male, Age 29, Individual Therapy
"Jourdan is amazing. Going to therapy is almost like a date for us and it’s definitely something we look forward to and are excited about every week. It’s so productive and we have seen such a huge change in our relationship. She helps you uncover what’s REALLY going on while helping you problem solve as well. She sends you home with easy, doable action steps and things to read and do together. She’s also more available and flexible than other therapists I’ve worked with. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Female, Age 28, Couples Therapy
"I have tried working with multiple therapists in the Nashville area and I experienced more progress with Jourdan in just one session in comparison to five sessions with previous therapists. Jourdan has a specialized and unique approach to therapy that has given me so much clarity in my relationship and has helped me move towards a secure relationship with my partner. She has helped me make key connections about my upbringing, my perception of love, relationship patterns and my attachment style that have truly transformed my life for the better. I am so thankful for Jourdan and would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking clarity in their relationship and is ready to break unwanted cycles."

Female, Age 25, Individual Therapy
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